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The PWORD is a conference that aims to equip churches to talk about and tackle the issue of pornography.

This ticket gives lifetime access to the the PWORD conference 2021. Sessions include presentations and interviews from world class speakers and leaders in the spheres of recovery, justice and church. 



Why us?  Why now?  Does the Bible have anything to say about the current porn epidemic?  How do I support those seeking freedom? If you’re wondering how to talk about the P-Word when you’re back in the pews on Sunday, and what a practical and pastoral response to porn looks like, this stream is for you. 

Sessions include:

  • Aaron White; Beatitude Community: The Liberating Way of Jesus

  • Lisa Taylor; Why We Can - and Must - Talk about Porn in Church

  • Letitia Shelton; Can a City be Free from Porn?

  • Glynn Harrison; You Can’t Beat Something with Nothing: Why your church needs a positive, confident theological vision of sex, marriage and human sexuality

Further speakers; Justin Humphreys, Donald Findlater, Joshua Broome, Helen Roberts, Lyschel Burket, Donna Dixon, Jessica Harris, Karin Cooke



Drawing on the expert wisdom of therapists, counsellors, and coaches, this stream focuses on understanding and treating porn addiction, equipping you with knowledge about the damaging impacts of porn and how best to support individuals in their recovery journeys.

Sessions include:

  • Dr Jake Porter; Chronic Shame and Porn Addiction: Gasoline and Sparks

  • Barbara Steffens; Hope for the Betrayed: How Can the Church Help Them Heal?

  • Sathiya Sam; Renewing The Mind, Rewiring The Brain

Further speakers: Cat Etherington, Dr Paula Hall, Fran Hopwood & Richard Butler, Barbara Steffens, Andrew Bauman, Drew Boa, Bethany MacDonald, Crystal Renaud Day


A person’s porn use doesn’t just impact themselves - it has implications for those around them too. How do we talk about porn use with those who aren’t watching it themselves, but know people who are? This stream will explore the impact porn has on the family and the digital landscape facing our young people.

Sessions include:

  • The Sex Thing: An interview with Rachel Gardner

  • Kristin Cary; 4 Keys to Healing after Sexual Betrayal (How can the church support and guide the whole family?)

Further speakers: Chris McKenna, Gareth Cheesman


What are the implications of porn use on wider society?  Sessions in this stream focus on campaigns being fought at national and international levels to expose what happens off-camera and bring the rule of law to an unregulated industry.

Sessions include;

  • An interview with filmmaker & abolitionist Benji Nolot

  • Vanessa Morse; Exposing Big Porn: The predatory industry driving injustice and deforming our culture

  • Cultivating Compassion: An Interview with Danielle Fewtrell

Further speakers; Dan Boucher, Helen Taylor, Justin Humphreys, Ionnis Dekas


Hear personal testimonies of escalation, addiction, and betrayal - and how God can bring healing and restoration even in the darkest times. 

Speakers include; Joshua Broome, Joshua Luke Smith, Katy Paterson